5 Reasons Medical Billing and Coding Systems Are In High Demand


Medical billing and coding are vital back-office functions for medical facilities such as clinics, hospitals, and physician practices.  Medical billers and coders are responsible for decoding details of each patient's record into codes used by insurance companies for determining reimbursements for medical services.

What Does a Medical Coder and Biller do?

Medical billers and coders help the healthcare industry by managing insurance claims, payments, and invoices. Day-to-day duties for medical coding and billing can differ depending on the employment environment. Still, general responsibilities include correctly coding services, diagnoses, procedures, and treatments and preparing and sending claims or invoices for payment.

In some environments, the job requirements for medical billers are distinct from medical coders. However, in most facilities, the daily tasks are split between the two roles. Typical duties for a medical coder and biller can include the following:

  • Analyzing patient's record, including diagnosis and treatment
  • Converting diagnosis and treatment descriptions to standardized medical codes
  • Using standardized medical codes for invoicing patients and submitting claims to insurers
  • Working closely with doctors and assistant to ensure accuracy of coding
  • Submitting claims to insurers and following up on payments
  • Submitting invoices to be paid by patients
  • Interacting with patients regarding their insurance and billing matters

Skills for a Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding online will give you the knowledge needed to work as a medical biller and coder. You will also need to possess these key traits and basic skills if considering a medical billing and coding career.

  • Basic Computer Knowledge – most of your work will center around using a computer and specialized software.
  • Integrity and Discretion – you will be working with personal information for patients, and discretion is necessary.
  • Thorough and Accuracy – medical billers and coders need to be accurate in their coding and billing. Minor errors or omissions can create delays and denied claims.
  • Analytical Thinking – context can play a huge role in medical billing and coding, and there can be multiple ways to bill procedures. Medical billers and coders need to be able to analyze all the factors.
  • Some Knowledge of Medical Science and Terminology – a large part of the job for a medical biller and coder is translating medical jargon and records into standardized codes.

Reasons to Get into Medical Billing and Coding

The healthcare industry is continuously growing, and the future for medical billing and coding is bright. Here are five reasons medical billing and coding systems are in high demand:

  1. Working in the growing healthcare industry – the aging population is increasing the healthcare industry's needs, which keeps the demand for medical and coding high. It offers job security for years to come.
  2. A high need for medical billing and coding specialists is growing – the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects an 11% growth through 2028 for the healthcare industry.
  3. You don't need a doctorate or medical school – medical billing and coding require a certificate or associate's degree. You can study online at your own speed for this position. In most cases, you can obtain your certificate for medical billing and coding between one and two years.
  4. Remote jobs in this field are becoming increasingly popular – because medical billing and coding are mainly done on a computer working with data. It is a good fit for remote work. Medical billing and coding often offer flexible schedules and working from home opportunities.
  5. Many opportunities for career growth – as you gain experience in your field or obtain new certifications, you will find more advancement opportunities. As your experience grows, you can expect higher annual earnings.


Suppose you are interested in a health field career, then medical billing and coding are terrific choices. It offers enhanced job opportunities and job security for years to come. Medical billing and coding programs will train students in all areas of medical billing and coding for outpatient and inpatient healthcare settings.