B2B Practical Marketing Tips for Industrial Business


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Marketing your industrial business requires an effective business-to-business (B2B) approach which focuses on building and establishing trust with your potential clients. Since industrial businesses have niche-specific products, direct outreach is one of the fundamental techniques used for industrial product marketing. 

Additionally, the new generation of B2B buyers is using the Internet to search for information or products/services. That is why it is essential for industrial businesses, such as Macair LTD, to beef up their online presence to stay relevant to this increasingly important segment. 

Today’s industrial B2B marketing no longer relies on simply attending trade shows and traditional marketing tactics, such as handing out brochures and airing TV or radio ads, to promote your products, such as dust collector cartridges in Canada, to your target clients. Over the years, the Internet has transformed B2B marketing into a 24/7 effort. If your potential clients cannot find you online the moment they are searching for a business like yours, they will turn to your competitors. 

Building a strong online presence is more than just posting and sharing informative content on social media. You will require a strategic B2B technique to successfully market your business to your ideal prospects. Here is what you need to do to stay in front of your customers and stand out from the competition:

  • Determine Your Brand Positioning

Having a clear understanding of your brand positioning is key to creating an effective B2B marketing strategy. This often involves the who, when, why, and how of your brand identity. It can also be how your target customers perceive your business brand.

Create a brand positioning statement that your team and ideal customers can believe in, and you will be ready to take on the next step of marketing our business. 

  • Know Your Ideal Audience

Your target audience is the people who are looking for your brand’s products or services. Creating buyer personas and understanding their purchasing behaviour and decisions help you know your ideal audience. Audience demographics is a highly essential tool used for any type of marketing. 

  • Run a Competitive Analysis

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Running a competitive analysis is an effective way to inspect and review the market and what your competitors are marketing to your prospective clients. Here are some of the things you should look out for when scrutinizing your competitors. 

Use the competitive analysis to assess the market and look into the marketing tactics used by your competitors to attract your target audience. Among the factors to watch out for when inspecting your competitors are:

  • Product or services offerings
  • Sales strategies and results
  • Marketing content and social media presence

Once you have a general overview of these factors, you can easily recognize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your competitors or otherwise known as SWOT analysis.

  • Explore Different Marketing Channels

The competitive analysis allows you to see which marketing channels are used by your business rivals and the ones they have not taken advantage of. Once you have completed the previous steps in building your B2B marketing strategy, you can start diversifying your own B2B marketing portfolio to achieve your goals. 

  • Build a Website

An informative, engaging website is crucial for your digital marketing efforts. More than 80% of buyers tend to visit a website before purchasing a product or service. Since there are plenty of key players (gatekeepers, decision-makers, and other ready-to-buy customers) involved in a typical B2B sales cycle, your website is a great marketing tool to influence and share important information about your industrial business and how your products or services can benefit your target buyers. 

  • Optimize Your Online Presence

Your website needs not only to be informative and engaging—but it also has to be discoverable. On-page SEO and technical SEO help your website to appear on top of the search engine results. These include everything from meta-description and image alt-text to site speed and structured data. Also, off-page SEO, which involves external linking strategies and social media sharing, plays a vital factor in building your online presence. Hiring an SEO specialist from a reliable agency, like Local SEO Search, can help you strengthen your online presence and put you in front of ready-to-buy customers.

  • Use Content Marketing

When it comes to purchasing, 94% of B2B buyers do online research while 80% of business decision-makers gather information about the business from several articles rather than relying on ads. 

Over the years, content marketing proves to be an important strategy when it comes to getting in front of your ideal audience from research to purchasing process. It is also a powerful tool that helps you build trust and communicate your relevance. 

Not only does it improve B2B search engine optimization, boost brand awareness and drive potential customers to your website, it also plays a crucial role in the customer journey, from the awareness stage to the purchasing stage.

  • Social Media

Research has discovered that over 60% of buyers use social media to check out new service providers. This makes various social media platforms a great source of information than formal referrals and recommendations. 

Since the wake of social media, the nature of referrals has changed over the years. Recent studies on referral marketing showed that 17% of expertise-based referrals come from interactions on social media. With the right strategy and with the help of a digital marketing agency like Local SEO Search, you can use social media to build your reputation, expertise, and content. Additionally, it also enables you to grow your network and connect with your community of followers and influencers, as well as monitor your brand by social listening.

  • Partner With a Trusted Digital Marketing Agency

63% of B2B marketers report hiring a trusted digital marketing agency to handle some or all of their marketing campaigns. For SMBs that do not have the financial resources to build an in-house marketing department, a digital marketing agency, such as the Local SEO Search, is often the way to go. This solution provides many SMBs direct access to top-tier marketing expertise while employing the agency’s internal resources more effectively.

When it comes to digital, inbound, and traditional methods of marketing, the real art does not only lay in understanding how each tool works best, but how each complements each other to deliver the best results. To achieve your marketing goals, you will need a partner that has harnessed a particular kind of harmony in addition to individual expertise.