Andar Bahar Casino Game - Tips and Tricks

Andar Bahar is a very popular casino game. It originated in Bangalore, and it is very easy to both navigate and play. If you look at games such as Blackjack or even Baccarat, then you will soon see that these require a great deal of technical knowledge to play, and you also need to have a great deal of skill too. With this one, you don’t have to worry about that. It is a simple game of chance, and this can work in your favour. You do not need to worry about trying to remember a complex strategy, nor do you have to keep count of the cards either. This game is known for having a lot of other names too. If you look at the names that it is called in other regions, you will see that it is called Ullae Veliyae or Mankatha. The great thing about this game is that there is no limit on the number of people who can play either. You can play it without having to worry about a minimum or a maximum number of players and this makes it ideal if you have a big group of people who want to get together. If you want a trustworthy site where you can play games like this then you will be glad to know that there are many out there and when you sign up with them, you will soon find that it is easier than ever for you to take advantage of fast withdrawals as well as some big cash prizes.


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The Rules of Andar Bahar

Even though this game is based on a lot of luck, you have to remember that there is still a lot for you to learn. You have to take the time to learn how the game works and how the game progresses so you can become a winner in no time at all. Ideally, you will make the right guess for where the match is going to appear. If you want to find out more about the rules, then look below.

Cards and Players

When you play this type of game online you should know that there is absolutely no limit to the number of players that you can partake with. If you have a single deck of 52 cards, then this is what you will use. First of all, the dealer will cut the cards and then shuffle them. They will then randomly choose a joker card or a wild card and this will then be placed face-up for the players. The players then have to take sides as to where they suspect that the matching card is going to show up. You have two sides here which as you can imagine are the Andor side and then the Bahar side.

The Procedure

The game process in general is very simple. You will start with the dealer, and they will shuffle a deck of cards. This is done very thoroughly. The dealer whom you are working with will then pick a card at random and they will place it in front of you as a player. This is the joker card or the house card. As a player, you then have to bet on each side to where you think the match is going to appear. If the card when it is turned over is black, then the betting side is going to start from the Andar side but if it is red then it will be the other side. The winning rules here are relatively simple and if the matching card happens to appear on your chosen side, then you win. If you chose the wrong side then, of course, you would lose money on this. Want to play Andar Bahar for real money? Then the best way to do this would be for you to sign up with a reputable online casino.


In this game, you will be able to place a bet on each side and you can do this alongside the main bet that you will place. You can bet on whether or not you think that the original card is going to be black or red for example. You can also bet on if you think it is going to be on the Bahar side or the Andar side. Betting on the first card also gives you the chance to bet on the second card. If you know that your card prediction is going to come out right, then you can expect a payout of 0.9 to 1. If you bet on the second card, then this will usually be 1 to 1. Of course, it is important to know that some casinos will give you the chance to bet on the wild card as well. You can do this before it is dealt with. You can bet on things such as the suit you think it is going to be and even the rank. You can even choose to bet on the number and even the colour if you want.

Winning Tricks

Want to make sure that you come out on top when it comes to this game? If so, then you should know that it is a game of chance and therefore you can’t do much to increase your chances of being a winner. That being said, you can use a few tips to try and give yourself the logical edge, so it is important to be mindful of this. First of all, you have to take the time to know the rules of the game before you begin playing with your very own money. You also need to set a budget before you even think about playing for real cash. If possible, you should be using the Martingale strategy for when you lose too. You can find out more information about this online if you want. Every time you win, be sure to go back to your original wager amount. If you can do this, you can then make sure that you are not losing out on too much money overall so be mindful of that if you can.