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This page is a sample page of how a learner would document their learning during a course called, "A Mathmatical Journey."


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I am applying for credit in mathematics, based on my work in A Mathmatical Journey.

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Quadratic Equations

  1. How do you solve a quadratic equation?
We solve Quadratic equations by factoring, pulling out factors and like terms.
  1. How many solutions are there to a quadratic equation?

There are 2 solutions to a quadratic equation.

3.  What is the relationship between the solutions to a quadratic equation and the x-axis?

The relationship between the solutions of a quadratic equation and the x-axis is: the solution tells you where the parabola touches the x axis.

Questions on Slope

1. Define slope in your own words.
Slope is how steep a line is.  It could be negative or positive. This tells whether it is sloping upward or downward.

2. Give two points that would have a slope of 3/1 between them.
(1,4) and (2,7)

3. What does s slope of 0 mean?
A slope of 0 means that the horizontal line doesn’t have a slope, it’s completely flat, and although the x points are different y is the same so it stays horizontal.